Primary Care

Your Primary care physician is your primary line of healthcare support when you are in need of medical care and advice.

Family Medicine

The doctors at the Ayurvedic and Naturopathic medical clinic have the combined experience of over 75 years of practice.

Pancha Karma

Panchkarma can help to establish a new baseline of health and well-being that is sustained by dietary, lifestyle, and herbal therapies.

Dietary Counseling

Nutrition is the basis of our whole body; it is the source of all tissues and organs, as well as hormones, neurotransmitter, and other signaling functions that co-ordinate all the functions of the body.

Anti-Cancer Therapy

Recommendations can be individualized based on patient’s needs and history.

Hormonal Therapies

Natural decline in hormone production is one of the major components of aging. Bio-identical hormone therapies are used by our doctors when required.

Immune Support

Our natural immune system has been trained by evolution to defend our health against these recurrent pathogens.

Pain Management & Resolution

Acute pain is a sudden onset of pain that results from an injury or trauma. Our strategies include contrast hydrotherapy, heat compress, electrical stimulation, as well as herbal anti-inflammatory and pain modulation.




Ayurvedic Thearapies

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