developed by our Doctors,  Dr. Virender Sodhi and Dr. Sodhi Shailinder, who work diligently on their mission to spread wellness to all.

 feature the same herbal formulas created by our doctors, available for direct purchase. You will find the same products like Carditone and Ashwagandha sourced with all-natural herbs grown on the Ayush farm in the pristine foothills of the Himalayas.

Our doctors work to educate and support the international naturopathic community as well as our partner farm community to ensure our products are sustainable and create positive impact.  It is our great pleasure to offer these products straight to your door with ruved!

Visit for the complete line of products, nourishing recipes, and practical wellness tips to keep you healthy.

We work with determination aimed at benefiting the education of our farmers about sustainable growing methods, ensuring the land remains fertile for generations to come.

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